Boarding Delays

For some reason my boarding starts like 30 mins before takeoff which makes the flights delay. some are good but some are always delayed which is really annoying. I know there’s been request to assign staff to areas but I think if the de boarding and all services are complete the boarding should start early. if there is a fix for this please let me know.

tried to get more staff. staff rooms

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What game version are you on? Is your staff room(s) located far away from the boarding desks?

One thing about keeping your staff close: it’s not only about staff rroms anymore. After their shift they go to the bathroom, and then go to the staff room nearest to that bathroom. So if they have to go too far for the bathroom your staffrooms can be empty.

that might fix it as ive got just one bathrooms for staff but 3 staff rooms located around but sometimes the passenger service agents go to a really far desk instead of the close ones.

A lot of job task stuff is changing in Alpha 35 in relation to terminal assignment so this conversation is probably more worth while having after A35…

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I’ve got the same problem with my remote stands: they just cant be on time. The boarding always starts like 20 min before takeoff and by the time the shuttle is there, it is very late. Also, if everything is on time, there is always one or two passengers missing, that are in the terminal and the security zone, but just don’t board the plane, and put everything late of two or three hours. It would be very cool if the flight could leave without the one or two passengers missing or to have the passengers hurry a little bit more.

the boarding should close early like 10 mins before and if they are not in the queue they would miss out.

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Yeah I have stopped playing till A35 arrives and see what happens

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