Boarding causes mass delays

I have quite a huge airport but that is not the problem. Passengers arrive on time at the boarding gate and I have enought checkin gates to support the amount of people. The problem is that boarding starts way too late. Large gates start boarding as soon as the arriving passengers are off the plane, but the medium stand start boarding like 45-60mins before scheduled departure time. This causes mass delays at my airport because almost every medium flight is late…
Any way to fix this issue? Or maybe change boarding time on medium stands?

Check your cleaning trucks, the passengers won’t start boarding until the plane is cleaned, that is a possible issue

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I have a surplus of them and it doesnt seem to be an issue, the plane is cleaned wat before boarding starts. I think the problem is just that there is too little time between boarding gates opened and departure time. But there is no way to change boarding start times right?

Do you have automated boarding gates? If not, then PAX must wait for passenger service agents to start boarding. Also, is the first post a response to my post?

All automated boarding gates

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Can you upload the save to the steam workshop?

What does your flight process monitor look like when your airport is operating? Share a screenshot and perhaps we can help identify a bottleneck.

It has been solved now, my issue was that while on 50% passengers the boarding starts way too late for the plane to take off on time. Increasing passenger amounts per flight worked for me and now all my flights leave on time!

Might be an idea to look at boarding times for aircraft with little capacity and start the boarding process a little earlier👍🏻

The self-boarding gate opens the boarding way too late, causing guaranteed delays.

The current design its just silly. The boarding should be triggered by the plane’s readiness to fly (cleaning, refueling, baggage, etc), or at least there should have an option between pre-determined time or plane readiness for the player to set. So now you have a perfectly ready plane to fly but must wait a pre-defined boarding time. If your stand is a little bit faw away from the terminal, that’s it.

I’m talking about small planes btw.

Does the fix above not work for small planes? I don’t use any small stand so I have no clue. It does work well for medium flight with lower passenger numbers.

Isn’t that the same in real life? Just because the plane is ready for boarding earlier, it still has it’s official departure time. I don’t think passengers want to sit in the plane for the rest of the time on ground. :slight_smile:

I’m currently struggling with this. How do you set the passenger amounts per flight? I’m wondering if it’s an R+D thing I just haven’t done yet as I can’t seem to be able to do it… These delays for boarding are killing me…

Gameplay settings → paggenger per flight ratio

If the boarding time is insuficient to get the passenger in the plane to met the official departure time, what do you think that the air company would do? Get plane after plane delayed forever or antecipate the boarding time?

And if you are talking about real life my dude, the Airport Manager wouldn’t be penalized for a delayed flight.

Now i’m talking about medium aircraft and jetways, seatings just in front of the double boarding gate, staff room set to passenger service agents only right next to it. And still every flight is delayed.

Can you share your savegame on Steam? Then we can take a look why they are delayed.
May the bottleneck or issue is before the boarding.

I was playing yesterday with my XXL airport and full capacity and all flights boarded on time.

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