BlossomAir - Clouds of Luxury

Airline Design Contest Submission

Airline Name: BlossomAir

Airline Description: BlossomAir offers comfort and functionality, which are key to a productive or restful flight.Our luxurious First Class flights feature private suites so you can relax and enjoy the best service.

Founded in 1980 to service the richest in Asia. In 2000 they started bringing more standard comfort and luxury to the people for a realistic price. The company’s colors are pink and white. Pink stands for compassion and love, while white stands for the purity, openness and completeness. Exactly what they’re aiming for. Nowadays they own one of the newest and complete fleets in the world, all equiped with Wi-Fi and movies.

Airline CEO Name: Vulcan Fox

Airline Design Image:


Good job :+1:

Made a new version. Thoughts? :smile:


I wasn’t too keen on the first one but the second is brill! Nice work :+1::grinning:


Thanks! I felt like pink-ish was just a bit too much.

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Well, i like the idea of a wide variety of colours on the taxiways so that pink livery is quite outstanding :wink:

I like the first one best. The pink with the wavy lines just looks so good.


Pink one looks better :wink:


Alright! I’ll keep it at the pink version. I’ll make a new version with colored motors and wing though. :smile:

Good call, adding those to the original is likely going to look better.

Final version. Getting really frustrated as some things don’t work out that well. :expressionless:

The idea was to have the waves connect to the fin and make the entire backside pink-ish. Oh well. :sweat_smile:


I really like this style, with the 2 shades etc… as for it connecting to the tail, just squeeze and rotate, and paint the tail pink! At the moment, your tail is white with a pink top edge…

Looks good to me :wink: