Blast Fencing Change

Blast Fencing Change:

Please shrink the blast fencing to two grid squares. Now, that I’m starting to use them, I’m realizing that the standard length just leaves gaps and weird positions. It’d be a quick change on the model object code. You can keep the one white, one red rotation that’s somewhat realism.

Why it should be implemented:

As the airports are getting larger and more complex, the blast fencing has now turned into something people will actually use, but the current size of the object leaves a lot to be desired. Making it two grids allows for much more clean builds. If so desired, a corner object would be even cleaner. 90 and 270 coverage. I only ask because I’m actually playing this game for fun now as a nearly complete game, and the things that were silly decoration, or completely unnecessary to play the game while in Alpha are now nice to clean up.

Images, references or additional content:

It just looks wonky. Thanks for the time, seems like it’d be quick and straight forward. If it isn’t in good time.

Or do it like the normal Fence, so it can be dragged.

Funny, so many different approaches. Keep it straight, lesser Probs :wink:


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