Bland Art Style?

I don’t know if it’s just me, or what. But anyone notice how the recent screenshots were very bland? Could just be a pure test airport to test performance and terminal styles? It’s odd they haven’t said that if so. Unless I missed it. If this is what game looks like suddenly, it won’t even compete with SA. Grass is barely green, the terminal looks like something out of a horror movie and the pax look like they’re forced in to a straight line into a prison cell. I’m trying to remain optimistic but if this is what the game looks like, it shouldn’t be released for six months or more. If that is the case Olof and Fredrik seriously need to tell us. And to the devs if your reading this, can we please get an explanation? Or at least tell me I’m wrong and that the game still has the look it did in the gameplay videos?

I might be a bit bias towards Airport CEO :wink: but I don’t really understand what you want us to answer.

We have posted weekly screenshots for in game footage over 1,5 year. The art style can barely come as a surprise, or? We know that there are room for improvements in some areas and will get some skilled artist to help us bring the style to the next level, but this we will do after the release. We have only done very minor changes since the gameplay series?

Some of the terminals built by testers that we displayed, were only designed with the raw concrete floor. The queuing is what it is. For now, we have been more concerned of solving potential deadlocks (which we have) than making sure it looks fantastic. After all we not even release early access.


That answers it perfectly. I was just concerned that the art took a major hit. But that explains it. The gameplay videos art looked great given the circumstances so if it truly is that then I’ll be happy! And it will look far superior to SA as well. Thank you for quick reply:)

We have not really changed much since the videos, the grass is less greener due to the “seasoning” system is in need of some overhaul. The grass does not change color correctly, it is a bug but not critical so we have not prioritized it.

Glad that the answer was what you were looking for!

Ok that makes sense! I feel sheepish now! Thanks Fredrik!

I admit the screenshots bothered me as well. Why are the testers not building more stuff in their airports. One didn’t even bother with gate seeting, none seem interested in plants, colored floors, or anything but the absolute minimum. No shops in any of their airports or offices or staff rooms, just bathrooms. No baggage claim to be seen either. Were they told to just build tons of gates or were they allowed to play as they would?

They weren’t told anything specific, they just played the game and that’s what they built. Would be pretty weird if we had instructed them on how to build it and it would not be very transparent of us if we didn’t show any pictures of what they built just because it doesn’t “look great”. More so, it shows that construction matters and that there’s a huge difference in the terminals appearance depending on how you play. If you don’t choose different floors and color your seatings, place out decorations and such well, then your airport will look dull (and the passengers will eventually think so too).

Nothing about the game’s art style has changed since the gameplay videos and trailers.


I’d say they are focusing on testing instead of just making a pretty airport :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wasn’t saying you would tell them how to build, just more a question if you guys wanted something in particular tested one day. You might, however, want to have them build more stuff because if none of them tried baggage there could be a lot of bugs hiding, or issues with staff rooms or the other features none of them found (seems odd they didn’t build anything else).

So based on a few screenshots they wanted to share - to show there was progress - you know all about how they test? :wink:

Maybe i can add a bit of my experience as software developer here.
When you test you have multiple kinds of tests.

  • stress test. To see how well the system handles - in his case - i.e. aircraft and pax numbers
  • functional test. To see if you can break 1 specific facet. In this case the biggest contender would be pathfinding. The screenshots appear to be from this kind of test
  • integration test. Testing the whole, or at least a combination of facets.

That you only saw screenshots from what i gather were stress or functional tests, does not mean the other tests were not performed. Just that there might be reasons not to share screenshots of it


I honestly think AirportCEO looks great right now. Some added artists for some more detailed textures would be nice but honestly, I dont think its a problem and it should not be a priority.


Still I wouldn’t mind of some people get hired after ea release. Would step it up a bit. And gets a fresh look. Never bad.


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