Big question for the big project

According to you will be possible in the future to be able to put bus stops to go to stand again remotely while having above a bridge connected to a plane which will save really places and that will add more reality?


Ir you have a stand connect by the terminal and shuttle bus

Do you mean that a plane gets boarded by a jetbridge in the front, and a shuttle bus in the back?

Not the terminal is on two floors, the ground floor where there are recordings to take buses and join booths further and upstairs recordings for planes connected to bridges.

Like the gate f21 and f23 in CDG terminal 2f.


Exactly, with multiple floors and jetways connected to one floor, the other floor can handle remote bus stops. Only problem I see is, that a stand has to “touch” the building for its jetway to be connected. Therefore there will be no space for a bus stop between terminal and stand. :roll_eyes:
One way to build it would be like shown in the screenshot below, another could be to demolish the wall of the ground floor and place the shuttle bus stop “inside” the building (if possible), or (if implemented with multiple floors) to have the upper floor overlap the ground floor and therefore the bus stop. :thinking:

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Thank you for your exchange I thought about your second idea and it will be quite realistic I think. At least for the moment it’s the only flaw I find at the remote stands :grin:

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Fredrik has stated that with multi floors it is possible to create ‘skybridges’ and connections between buildings on higher floors, at least that was planned. We have to wait and see when multi floors are available. So if that’s possible you should be able to build over a bus stop on the lower level.


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