Big bird turnaround, to fast boarding

So I was trying out the big birds. And sure the plane was far from full. But as soon as the cleaning was done, they started boarding, and it really looked like everyone ran thru the gate at the same time basically. Boarding was done almost 1,5h before departure. I would like to propose that boarding doesn’t start until cleaning and catering is done.

-1, I’ve had some flights run extremely late still because of cleaning and catering, I rather have it board right away, at least for now.

Boarding speed is too fast for my taste too. But as long as we don’t have any improvements for task allocation for pax service agents and boarding time itself that’s probably inevitable.

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Yeah, there’s a non-critical bug in there right now that causes passengers to disregard queuing. It’s going to be looked at in the near future.

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@Olof I would like to send something to the internal testing team. I would like to try and see what happens if boarding was set to always start 1H before depature. Still with the requirement that cleaning is done like now. Just to see if it works?

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