BIG BIG World Size

I saw a post about how you can change the world size through the world file, and I changed it to 2050 x 1550, no issues quite yet since haven’t build anything, but what do you guys say the biggest safe expanded world size would be.

And also the x and y axis is quite messed up -_-

This airport is literally out of this world…no pun intended


Max is 2000x2000, then you get into the blue area.
Do only change X and Y. Not Z.
Also the grid won’t expand.


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Ohh okay, Hope they will support the 2000 x 2000 by default. Thanks reply though.

No. Otherwise they would have to increase the minum system requirements a lot as bigger maps require a much more performance. That’s why savegames with changed sizes aren’t supported in case of any issue.


I tried it also with the maximum map but the lag is so awful.

  • 8 Big Runways
  • 12 Medium Runways
  • 8 Small Runways
  • 170 Small Stands (34 Commercial + 136 GA)
  • 126 Medium Stands
  • 84 Big Stands
  • 68 Small Hangars
  • 40 Medium Hangars
  • 25 Big Hangars

Overall 22 Terminals with Catering and Waste Depot each.
To zone the terminals makes the game hang for about 2 Minutes every time.

I canceled because it makes no fun to play.

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Yeah, that’s even more than I am usually going for. I do use that space for 80 to 90 stands and a lot less hangars. :slight_smile:
Just started a new 2000x2000 map, but it will take some weeks until that airport will be able to run.

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Off-topic, but does anyone know where Olof is?

It’s vacation time.


You’re right! tried the 2000 x 2000, only a nasa pc can operate that map :sneezing_face: But trying the 2000 x 1050, the lag is not that bad almost non existent 49-50 fps…so far, but I only managed to fit 3 terminals with realistic measurements

Hope you would share it when it’s done :star_struck:

Unfortunately we are not going to spend any time on supporting unsupported features… :stuck_out_tongue: … the core of the game really is limited to that of the supported large map and “encouraging” even larger maps without officially supporting them puts us in a weird place.

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Too small

Currently building an airport with ~320 large gate and 6-8 runways
The main terminal is 600m*340m size (no gates in the main terminal)
Map size is 100km^2 (10k x 10k)

A. Good luck with not burning your PC.
B. What do all the colors signify?

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