BHX Airport

Welcome to my new airport, Birmingham International Airport.

12 Gates, 24 check in, 4 baggage reclaim, 9 cafe/shops, 2 secret gardens


Check-in/waiting area

Baggage claim/waiting area

Pick up and drop off, each lay-by has its own slip road so no hold ups on the main road


Baggage bays and fuel farm


Shops, and have created a stock room


Cafe with kitchen and staff area

Secret garden, perfect to relax and get away from it all


Nice, I’ve been working on a re-create of the real BHX, has been a pain until the recent bug fixes. :slight_smile:

I live 15 miles from BHX and fly from there frequently. I can give you some tips, like putting condom selling machines in every toilet xD

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Where’s the Wetherspoon’s? :smiley:

At the far end of the gate lounge :yum:

Beautiful design. Looks very spacious.

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@ceoandy Is this in the steam workshop, as my local airport would love to play it!