Better Gates

I feel like the gate system is ok but could be improved. For small airports its perfect. So currently, we can only set boarding desks just before the jetbridge or the airside shuttle bus stop, but I feel like we should be able to put the boarding desk before a waiting room, where passengers would have “pre-boarded” and once they can start boarding the aircraft, they would do so without any further checks, as their boarding passes would have already been checked. This is done in many airports such as BKK and DXB.

As well as that, I feel like the boarding desks could be improved with the implementation of self boarding desks, where only one staff member is needed for an infinite amount of boarding desks per gate. Perfect for cost savings!!!

Also, it would be nice if we would have boarding desks with only one lane, and so it would be cheaper to purchase and maintain as well as it would take up less space in our terminal.


One lane boarding desks are a thing and have been designed. Jettuh shared them over on the Discord channels. We’re just awaiting for them to appear in-game.

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Good to hear! I really want them to be released sooner rather then later.


it might be useful to be able to use a boarding desk for two airplane stands.
in this way the spaces can be optimized

yeah, indeed

You can place boarding desk anywhere in the secure zone, you just need to then manually connect then to the stand. It will automatically connect if it is next to the jetway.

a problem with the auto connect if you have bus stops below jetways the bording desks will auto connect to the medium stand

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