Beta ~ Lets Go Again ~ TSH Airport ~ Easy/Emergencies level III

Administration up and researching.

Fence going up.

Boosting into 3 project groups.

Boosting build tempo and project time

Everything developed, besides Commercial License. Fence half ready.

Last time I had a aircraft planning nightmare, now starting the right way from the start.

Also, started all concrete.

Fence finished, ready to boot into an airfield.

Ready for a commercial licence.

Moved the office and added toilets.

Entering commercial flying.

Terminal going up.

GA extended and fueled.

Since its my first time I did not build in Amsterdam, I had no clue I would get no local flights.

International zone added.

Current status; shops added, more commercial stands, waiting area.

Moved my arrival underground

Moved waiting area underground, with toilets and food store.

Moved all desks underground and build secure staff rooms.

Terminal extended


Why do you build those "poor man’s " taxiways and not full width ones?


Like the post above mine, why?? I cringe everytime I see that! :joy: :sweat_smile: :thinking:

Because it’s much cheaper? And the game doesn’t penalise you for it

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Yes thats true but still… :sweat_smile:

I widen them when I have enough income.

How did you get rid of the bottom bar with the build stuff?? :thinking:

F4? Hide the UI.


I have been missing out…

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Welcome in a logistic puzzle :wink: