Best versions to be on

Hi All. Which version is best to be on for stability etc, the default or experimental?? I am after good game play and good fps.Thanks

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Normally default. Experimental is used to see what bugs come from changes.


Interesting question. As Dewitjur says, usually default is the most stable, however, depending upon where in the development cycle things are the EXP branch can be more stable as it readies to transition to the stable. The only way to know is to watch the respective forum posts and keep and eye on what Olof says regarding each release.

I live dangerously within the EXP branch for what its worth.


You always have to keep in mind that the game is in alpha status anyways. So there’s no guarantee for a stable game, neither on experimental nor on default. Savegames can break anytime although it usually doesn’t happen.

For the next weeks I guess default will be more stable - experimental will soon get several new features and you can expect a bunch of fresh bugs. On the other hand, trying new features is exciting…


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