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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on placing the vehicle depots for their service vehicles? I as because I would like to make airports with “concourses” that are more spread out, and I am thinking I would like to do multiple groupings of vehicle depots. However, I am afraid that (with my luck) the farthest vehicle will always get called versus the vehicle parked in the depot right next to the aircraft stand. (Sorry if this is in here somewhere, I cannot find anything to help me figure out the best method) Thanks!

Currently assigning vehicles to depots doesn’t have much effect. I suggest you to wait this feature:

ACEO-5268 ⁃ Implement ability to assign certain vehicles to a certain stand

Thank you, but until then, is there a good method to reduce delays? I imagine I will have delays due to the vehicles, regardless. However, I want to try to curb it as much as possible. I guess what I should have asked was “does anyone know the logic behind vehicles?” For example, does the game actually call the closest vehicle to the aircraft/baggage bay, does it go in a list order, or is it just random picking?

I have several depots in different places which seems to help with efficiency.
For example,

  • bus and service cars are housed mid way between the stands and the terminals
  • fuel trucks by the fuel depots
  • baggage trucks by the baggage stations
  • stairs, baggage belts close to the stands.

It seems to make things run more smoothy as they don’t park in a random deposit far from where they are needed.


AFAIK the vehicle logic is still not very intelligent, so could be that a push back truck is being send allover the airport while there is one around the corner. It’s on the dev’s list to look into it, so hopefully with the ‘assigning vehicles to stands’ feature the vehicle path finding will also be improved. Assigning vehicles to depots helps a bit, but I’ve not found any real logic in the vehicle behaviour yet and how to influence it.

Currently assigning vehicles to depots doesn’t have much effect. I suggest you to wait this feature:

Sorry EG0611, but this suggestion doesn’t solve problems/bugs which are in the basegame and need to be adressed.

If there is a vehicle ready in a depot near the aircraft and one which is far away from the aircraft, the near vehicles have to be used. If a vehicle is sent which is far away, while one nearby is idling that needs to improved first!

Is that the way they’ve decided to go?

I would prefer the ability to create a zone and then assign the vehicle to the zone, not each stand.


I Also think that “task zones” is a better way to go. both for staff and vehicles. If the possibility to add “task zones” should come in game. then you can assign staff and vehicles to those zones and they would only take up task assignments in these zones. This would be a lot easyer and user friendly. instead of micromanaging every single vehicle.

I also think that adding " Implement ability to assign certain vehicles to a certain stand" would decrease the diversity and take away the managing aspect of the game since it makes that each stand (when fully scheduled) will yield a fixed profit. Aircraft parking fee, passenger fe and fuel minus the cost of every vehicle. since you’ll be needing one pushback truck one stair one buss one fuel truck etc for each gate. with is not realistic! Alas it would be impossible to make a bigger profit with smart scheduling and use of resources.

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If you want to head in the direction of assigning viechles to stands the whole point of procuring vehicles is meaningless. Just make it so that when i build a medium stand with jetway i automatcly get a fuletruck and a pushbacktruck that is tied to that specifik stand. then i don’t have to “assign” the vehicles. The simulation part of the game will still be awsome but the management gameplay will be totally lost…

At least if i only can assign one stand per vehicle…
And if i can assign more then one… it will be a tedious task at a big airport.


Zoning or assigning, both can be a time consuming task as you also have to assign vehicles/personnel to zones, name zones, re-arrange zones when re-building area’s, etc. Assigning vehicles to a stand, either by zones or direct, should be multi and indeed not to a single stand, imagine the amount of vehicles driving around… Another important addition is a bulk selection option, so you can assign multiple vehicles/items (regardless of the type) to a zone or stands.

I would like to connect a stand to a depot.

That way a “zone” would be all stands connected to a specific depot.

That way I would also like to connect Check-In desks / Stands / etc. to a certain staff room

Then a ‘zone’ for those staffers would be all connected staff objects from that staff room.

For cleaners / technicians we should be able to “drag” a staff zone field (like baggage claim area) and then connect that “block” to a staff room.

@Puma Dont agree with you there. As with zones you only need to do it once. When you create the zone. With manual assigning you need to choose gate (or other object) every time you rebuild or replace the object at your airport while with zones the assignment is still there as long as you move the gate (or object) within that zone. zones require less clicks overtime and gives you a better overview than manual assignment.

I agree that zones will probably be an easier setup, but you still have to assign vehicles/persons/items to that zone or a depot/staff room/parking/etc within that zone, so still a manual task per vehicle/person/item. It’s not the case I’m against zones or assigning was just to add an extra option to make life easier with a bulk option :wink:

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Earlier I wrote a post about this, just before bedtime, will search tomorrow.

Professional simulation programs*, use Clusters for this goal, with some that have even Super-clusters and bigger. So, when “creating” (ordering via procurement or hiring staff) you would be able to appoint a Cluster already**, then only the cluster would be linked to the zone or zone-replacing object. When adapting your airport, you would just move the Cluster and not the separate identities (vehicles / staff). So, you could move a depot without losing the cluster of connectors***.

'* I used Logistic Simulators intened for simulating cargo streams on any volume of terminal (Harbor, airport, warehouse, etc)
'** normally this would be a forced option
*** the most horrible of these systems, were running linear programming tasks, to find optimized settings for clusters in your build. They could run for days at the supercomputer.

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Here I wrote out most of Groups/Supergroups.

And the post that went before that one.

While your support for your ideas about assignin this or that to that or this: Don’t forget that this should be additional, optional features only and doesn’t compensate for a more intelligent AI. :wink:

If you want bigger airports, the AI should be able to function in the most Agile environment possible.

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Just love the discussion and debate :smile: sorry if i sound hard i’m not that good at expressing myself in english. Swedish is better for me :stuck_out_tongue: And ofc a more intelligent AI is preferable. But hey! it’s not that bad, i think it represent the passengers pretty well! It’s just like in real life. “i go where everyone else goes” docent matter if you have 9 empty lines. As long as no-one tells them to go to the other line ppl will wait behind the others. I like to call it the “escalator syndrome” :smiley:

EDIT: “I just love to discuss and debate” is more to the point i think

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