Best Baggage security setup for 34.5?

As the title says, I want to know what the best security setup is for 34.5, so that I can receive a good security rating.

As I understood devs right, for now rating is harmed if you do not follow ‘standard setup’ correctly in any way.
Means Tier 1 (basic) → Tier 2 (specialised) → Tier 3 (manned station).
Missing one tier, or having scanned baggage by same or lower tier a second time harms rating and can eventually lead to additional false scans.

That was stated by devs, in the beginning. But a few days ago, Olof wrote anywhere that they probably will change this. So double scanning will not harm rating any more - which I would appreciate.

Edit: Staff quality/productivity of security officer at scanning station affects rating, too, as low staff skills will lead to more false scannings…

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Correct. It’s always been ambiguous how these are supposed to be set up, but the new airport rating system actually helped clarify it. (See the new hover text cues over the ratings.)

I set up a system with primary scanner first, then on the reject lane, a series of individual scanners for specific items. Each leads to a reject lane. On that reject lane I have two staffed inspection stations in series (one after the other so all bags that were rejected get searched by two officers). The reject from those two stations go to the destroyer. I make sure the officers are well trained and on short shifts. Using this I have zero incorrect baggage loaded or destroyed.

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