Berry Aviation's DHC-6 texture misplace and no IATA code

This happened with the latest update, 35.5-1, and happens on all Berry avaition’s aircraft.

Where did you get the mod from?

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Yeah, this is a mod issue related to the mod and not relating to the base game.


We cannot find a Berry Aviation in the Steam Workshop. So currently we do not know what mod this is and we cannot check the files.
A link to the download is required.

Along with EG I fixed this dang thing once. I’m guessing you have one of the old ACEO MM packs installed which will have the broken Berry mod. Try and find a new ACEO Pack that EG did. V2 I think it was called.

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There are to many ACEOMM Forks published on steam…
Anyway i can do this soon, butbitbis a bit a borring livery in my opinion… But allread, second request…

Thank you so much for reminding me, I must forgot to disable those really old mods… I just disabled them and it now works fine

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i did Berry Aviation new and uploaded it to steam

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