Been gone awhile, have a few questions

So iplayed all through beta, but haven’t since 1.0 release. I have over 100 hours before then.
Had a few questions before I jump back in.

1 How is pax transport into airport. Previously it seemed sub way was the only viable option. Bus or other transport options would flood with HUGE lines and create a gory back up

2 How is motorized walkways, before it seemed like pax didnt prioritize and you had to almost funnel them to use them.

3 Airline auto planner, does it work better now, before I would have 4-5 hour gaps even though airline satisfaction was very high and flights were available.

4 Employee AI, is it better? Before their satisfaction would ALWAYS be crap [even with breakrooms, with vending and nice couches] and would crowd only one or two staff areas [example: I had a security only room like 10 squares away from huge security check area [10 large stations] but only a few would go there, even with waaay more staff then needed]

5 Multi terminals. I had a huge airport [14+ large, 20 medium stands] these were divided into 3 terminals] Even though each terminal would have more than enough staff assigned, i would constantly get low staff warnings for filling jobs]

6 Plane stacking and ai to right runway. Previously [especially with deicing] planes would get backed up forever. Some times stacking on top of eachother before icing and before take off, creating huge backlog

also, anything else i should know?

Thanks so much for anyone that has the time to reply!!

  1. Subway is generally the best option, but consider parking lots for the income. They generate traffic though! Other modes work fine though :slight_smile:
  2. I think they use them, but I funnel anyways :rofl:
  3. Works for me…
  4. Check satisfaction in the staff management panel. Staff go to the closest staffroom after a shift. So you have to wait a bit for staffrooms to get used. (Maybe incorrect)
  5. I need a screenshot or even better a save to say!
  6. Haven’t seen this, but planes sometimes clock one another which leads to delays.

Consider numbering you questions like I did for my answers for an easy way to talk about a specific question! :slight_smile:

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I edited post for numbers

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