Beeing able to see your battery charge (laptop)

Hey guys
As a laptop gamer as of right now i wanted to ask if there could be some place on screen that would show you how much % your battery has remaining and my idea would be the top right corner of the dashboard / email etc section on the right (you know where the green connectivity bars are displayed) maybe this is already the case but i still wanted to ask/suggest that :slight_smile:

Well, you hover over the battery icon but it is not always trust worthy

I think he means ingame :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m confused, doesnt that information display in the tray at the bottom right? I’m sure while a game is playing in fullscren the tray is gone, but shouldn’t Alt-tab get you the ability to check? Not sure if a game dev can or should put that info into their game.

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Or you can simply press shift+tab to open that steam tab which shows battery too.


Yes I meant in game and sure i could minimize the game to have a look at it but wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to see it in game I think that would be pretty useful
Seen it in a couple of games now and it’s very helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding a utility bar could be nice: time, charge etc

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Yeah it could be helpful.

That corner could be used for that :slight_smile:


In most programs i’ve used if you just press winkey it brings up the taskbar and start menu, from which you can see the battery and stuff.

I think this is a great idea. Yes ALT+TAB works, but being able to quickly glance at it while in game is really convenient especially since this is a game that will most likely make me lose notion of time and play for hours straight.

There is a mod for it on Cities: Skylines, it helps you keep track of the time so you don’t forget sleep exists

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