[ BCN/LEBL] Barcelona-El Prat Airport (47 Stands, 18 remotes)

Well, I want to share my airport based on Barcelona, I had to adapt some things like remote shuttles and baggage bays at least, until multi-floors are not available. When it being available I will update the airport to make real floors on them.

Actually I’m starting to work on operations, I’m trying to recreate real airline stands and placing them on the real locations they usually goes. For example, on the opened ones, actually they go Iberia, Vueling and British Airways.

All garages are simulations of real EPAs in the airport. Stands are numbered like real ones.


Once you start remote stands, you’ll get a lot of traffic jams, since 4x4 roads don’t work the best, and service roads from stands together, don’t work well

I do not have any 4x4 roads. All are managed carefully knowing issues and bugs, for this reason I tried to enhance that aspect (remote stands) doing it as easier as possible for the game (1 stand, 1 shuttle bus) also for roads they have direct ways to go. 300s remote (left side) are easy to go for the bus, remote 400 (right side) takes too long, but can go without problems.

Is my main fear atm when the airport is fully open. But I hope when it happens we will have multi-floors lol.
Nah, I was thinking about it and if It happens, I will redo de interior of the airport removing some baggage claim areas. I have actually 16. Barcelona Airport have 15. I can reduce it to 10 or 12.

Looks nice! You could separate the secure zones to limit the amount of people trying to burst through 1 or 2 stations. The bagage bay’s also look interesting, please give us an update if that works.

Yes, baggage is not a problem at the moment. They go through high speed conveyor so they arrives fast. In scanners, I updated it and removed the general scanner tier 1, so it accelerated the process a bit more.