BCN Airport (not a replica - just inspiration)

Hi Everyone, this is my first airport. No sandbox. Just learned the game from 0, and build everything organically, with lots of mistakes and iterations. Pretty happy on the result. After that I will probably build something from scratch in sandbox mode.

Update : uploaded the save game to Steam, for anyone who is interested

So this is it, for clarity, you can see the distribution of the terminals and the runways: There is one small runway only for GA (don’t want to get rid of it, it gives a touch of regional airport), 2 runways for landing and departures (medium flights) and 1 runway only for large flights.
Terminal 1 (the old and original one) has small and medium flights.
Terminal 2 (the new and shiny one) has medium and large international flights. Large stands also acoomodate medium flights if needed.

I will dive into a bit of detail on the next posts in this thread.


Let’s start by T1, the first terminal, that has been updated over the years.

The main terminal :

and its satellite terminal

Both are connected by an underground tunnel

Let’s take a look before going into the terminals, to the road organization:

As the airport has a one-way circular road, to avoid congestion with the outside world road, I came up with this undergound pass loop (in red), while the incoming traffic doesn’t need to stop, (in blue), until they decide to continue forward to the T2 terminal, or go into the public transportation area (taxis and buses). After this area, there is an underground tunnel that joins the road before it arrives to T2 terminal

So, back to the terminal : The checkin area

The secure area

And the admin staff zone: there is individual rooms for the C-Level executives, but they rarely show up :thinking:

Next post : T2 terminal

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T2 terminal was built with a lot of learning and mistakes from T1.

Main overview

It has two levels :

Ground Level : Main concourse : checking, restaurants, international baggage claim and security .

Escalators go from secure zone to upper level

1st Level : Secure zone : boarding, duty free shops, restaurants, and international zone

There is also a small underground level for baggage claim for medium domestic flights.

There is also an underground tunnel that goes from T1 to T2 inside the secure zone

Some details of the terminal:

Main concourse overview:

Details of the main concourse:

There are two main security entrances that have the very profitable customary duty-free shop which you have to walk through, and then escalators and lifts to the 1st floor:

The 1st floor has all the boarding gates with the food and shop franchises:

Some of them are highly profitable:

We have also a VIP lounge

Transition from domestic to international area:

International area:

The baggage collect area on the ground floor for incoming large flights from the international area:

Transition from international to baggage collect:

Transition from baggage collect to main councourse and to exit:

Finally, a detail of the luggage bay area for international flights (yes I do scan incoming luggage)

And the logistics area near the T2 building that serves both terminals:

Next and last post : summary of the airport.

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To summarize


Earning money!!

Flight schedule - happy airlines, full house!

Flight operations : everything goes smoothly

Hope you like the post :wink:

  1. Awesome!
  2. do your walkelators work with 2 blocks between them?
  3. staffzone your belts in baggage pickup zones, then PAX wont hop on/over them.
  4. Love your hedging of objects :smiley:
  5. haha! people walking though viewing screens.
  6. Love your shop designs! ~ but cooking-stations facing walls? :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. Thanks!!
  2. Sure they do!
  3. wow, good one, havn’t thought about it. Will do, thanks :slight_smile:
  4. Haha thanks, I like the touch.
  5. Yeah… strange… I guess the screens are above level head or something like that
  6. Yes… I should improve the design of the restaurants , I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… strange… I guess the screens are above level head or something like that

Maybe staffzone them too.

Correct. There is a pillar in the middle but the screens themself are higher than the passengers. Works as designed.

It’s very common to have displays high up.


for anyone interested to download the savegame:

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Love the airport! Have not played ACEO in a while (roblox has consumed me) but when I begin to play more, you mind if I take some design ideas from the airport? I realy like your T1

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of course not :+1:

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