BARON 58 Night (Light) Windows Misaligned

Hello, so I was creating a livery on the Baron58 and I was taking photos of it before I upload it to Steam and I noticed a couple of things.

1st and most important is that the night time windows that light up the cockpit are misaligned with the other windows. I went an checked to make sure that I didn’t move the fuselage base or other parts of the aircraft by comparing my livery Gimp file with the liveries you download from the website. Everything was in place. So I am thinking that the windows are just off in the game code. Can someone fixe this or is there a way for me to fix this?

2nd is that I created a metallic gradient for the paint job and when the aircraft is under the flood lights at the stand, it causes the paint job to turn white on the left side of the aircraft and some parts of the right side. Has anyone else encountered this with gradient pain jobs (metallic or other)? Im curious to know if you know a way to adjust It so that you can still have the gradient metallic look but not have it turn white under the flood lights? Below are attached photos/examples of what im talking about.

Thanks for any assistance on this! oh, and enjoy the sneak preview of Boutique Air! :slight_smile:

Close up of the window misalignment

Here is what the light does to the gradient paint job

Here is what it looks like as the aircraft pulls away from the gate

What it looks like during the day

many at the gate during the day

MDK files have been updated and the overexposed lighting is fixed and will be part of the next alpha release.