Balance troubles in the game

Hello! Guys, in the economic part there are imbalances that greatly reduce interest.

  1. Bellanger jewelers store. In 10-15 minutes, he made me $ 1,500,000 in tax and sales income, despite the fact that I had 700,000 in my account and I was racking my brains on how to optimize the airport and increase revenues. I immediately deleted this store, because this is some kind of cheat!

  2. The logic of the shops’ activity against the background of the economic effect from the activities of the main direction of the airport. For example. We open a store with a sales target of 4,000 units and a rent of $ 1,500 per hour. It turns out that we don’t care if the sales plan is fulfilled, because we get ~ $ 200,000-300,000, despite the fact that we do not fulfill the plan, pay a fine of ~ $ 45,000.
    This way you can open all shops and restaurants and get a lot of money in your account, despite the fines. After all, the payment of the lease and the percentage of sales by the store cover the penalty for not fulfilling the sales plan many times over.

We must be interested in fulfilling the store plan, otherwise we can just poke all the stores, even if there are no passengers and customers nearby, just withdrawing money.

It is interesting to make money in the game in order to develop the airport, because the economic model is very realistic, but stores kill interest, but they are a source of additional income, and you want to use them, but with the use of a bonus when the store fulfills the plan, and a fine if it does not. And here it turns out that it makes no sense for us to increase the flow of passengers in the place of the store, in any case we win. But businessmen would not have opened such a store for the second time, leaving at a loss, but here they again seem to rent an area.
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I still do not get the “pay fines” part. I mean…are we taking a license from a franchise here or are we renting out space? If the store does not meet its numbers, then the location was poorly chosen, but this is the entrepreneur’s risk, isn’t it?

The whole way the contracting works seems wrong to me. The airport just offers rooms. Usually, the company renting it decides on the design, furniture and what not - and not we, the airport CEO - this is a crutch because the AI does not know about building a working vending space within variable limits. We offer the room and get rent. The franchise has the problem of being lucrative and that is determined by knowig the airport’s numbers i.e. how many flights per day to expect, average PAX, rent. This has nothing to do with the job we do as airport CEO.

Having shops and restaurants is crucial as the PAX expect those at a certain size. Business going broke leads to closed shops which look very sad to the customers eye and lower atractivity of our airport. Our job is to find the optimal space and make it big enough to work. The rest is the entreprener’s problem and job.


I agree with you, but we need a gameplay close to reality if we have such a realistic airport simulator. In fact, this is no longer a game, this is a different level, in my opinion.

So, we opened an airport and an entrepreneur came to us who wanted to place his shop or restaurant with us. He takes entrepreneurial risks. We established the rental price, sales plan, penalties for disrupting the sales plan and started. If the plan is implemented, we extend the contract, and if not, the entrepreneur proposes that he will return, not earlier than in a year, subject to a 30% increase in passenger traffic. The number of franchises should be limited.

Taking a lease from all entrepreneurs for the first time, but not fulfilling the plan, we receive not only a fine, but also lose the opportunity to attract a lessor without increasing the passenger figures at our airport. We, as CEO, must be motivated to increase passenger traffic, then we are interested in playing, otherwise, having earned money on cheats and rebuilt the airport, we will lose interest in the game. But the game is unique! And I’m ready, for example, to pay extra for using this game if the game has new gameplay capabilities.

I rebuilt the airport to the middle class, spent all the money on redevelopment and improvements, bury myself in the ceiling of revenue, in the end I had to optimize costs by reviewing all contracts with suppliers, exploring all the possibilities to reduce costs, dismissing employees with the highest salaries, improving logistics, and this it was interesting! And then there are shops and restaurants that give money for rent without any logic, at a loss, every new cycle. It is not right!


That’s certainly one way to argue and definitely makes sense. However, a shop or restaurant, that just ended a contract because it didn’t make enough sales to be profitable, would hardly offer a new contract with same conditions just a few minutes later. Also if word of mouth among risk-aware entrepreneurs spreads that 4 out of 5 restaurants at any location don’t have enough sales to be profitable there would hardly be another 20 waiting to fill their spot. So some balancing during beta should be done here, also with passenger behavior and distribution so that they don’t just visit the nearest store or restaurant and other ones right next to it don’t make any sales.


Quite right! An entrepreneur will again decide to pay us rent and a percentage of sales if he sees an increase in passenger traffic, for example. And where to place, we, as CEO, will decide for ourselves, taking into account that if the sales plan fails again, the entrepreneur will come for the third time only when the passenger traffic increases again, for example, by 20%, or / and the penalty will be higher.


Just wondering, are you all familiar with this blog-posting?


Thanks! I learned about the game a little over a week ago, so I haven’t read the developer blogs before.

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Agreed. The way I see it we are offering a location and guaranteeing a minimum amount of sales. So we should plan the location of the shops to maximize that. I find placing shops right after security, so they have to walk through gives great sales. A small snack bar before security for those waiting to check-in, and for arriving passengers waiting for bags. And a restaurant and snack bars in secured area for those waiting for flights.

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