Bags stuck at the check in

the bags just form a pile on the desk and don’t join the conveyor?

It’s been suggested that the conveyor from each stand move up at least one tile before joining. You can also go from stand directly to underground if you prefer to keep the path behind the stands clear.

i tried this but the bags just sit there :s

Baggage either works perfectly or makes you crazy. Apparently, there’s no in-between.

Save, exit, and reload the game. It seems that once things get stuck, correcting the offending fault may not be sufficient, the path needs to be recalculated.

If that doesn’t work…

Go into the F10 menu and uncheck Simulate Construction and Simulate Material; this is great for “debugging” your design. If you need to repeat the destruction and rebuild process, F10 settings have to be re-enabled after every restart.

Build the baggage belt while zoomed in enough to ensure the arrows are pointed correctly. Sometimes the corners get glitchy.

Save, exit, and reload the game. Test again. I’ve been through this process way more times than I care to remember already.

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i literally saved closed the game and reloaded and this is the result :smiley: thankyou!

i dont suppose you could tell me if this set up is right? (i seem to be destroying a lot of bags)

Looks good to me. Seems odd the manual scanner is destroying that many. I do basic scanner, fails go through all specific, fails from any to manual. Very few are destroyed.

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hmm maybe i should set up one specific for each contraband and see what the result is

so i have this new problem where many of my staff are stuck behind the info desk?

The check in desk issue has been resolved and will be featured in the next update. The info desk issue is not really an issue. The employees can’t find a place to rest and there fore just stand there confused. Build a staff room with some sofas and they should get going there.

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