Bags contain strange stuff

So I found a strange bug with baggage contents. You are able to see what bags will get sent to the secondary scanners from as early as the check-in counter when they get placed down. Also the items it says are in there are quite off. I also found the most amusing one post scanning as I was looking at them. I submitted a bug report on this with the attached screens.

Love the one with the person in it, ticket prices for those kids are too high, gotta smuggle them in baggage, and the scanners have no problem seeing human skeletons in bags I guess.

Also visible with the 1st screenshot is the clumping of PAX after security exit before their bags cross into the baggage claim zone. Only a few people there, mostly piled into a single node, since my commercial flights are all small planes still.


oh lol… this is what happens when the hype becomes too much for 2 people. Silly Bugs.

Or in that 1st screenshot, that traveler is in the Mafia. No one knows. :zipper_mouth_face:

I’d rather say the CEO is connected to mafia world.

My bag scanners might be, they let a bag with a person in it on to a flight. Also construction materials and gas were let on, some corpses are being given cement shoes and lit on fire.

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Time for the CEO do some… “READY, AIM, FIRE!”

Imagine if the Person bag goes through the Cargo annihlator