Baggage woes

Cant see why the claim area cant route to the baggage bay? I’ve checked the conveyors all going in the right direction. any ideas?

Why does your baggage is not collected the first time go back to the baggage bay? Should you not close the loop to allow bags to go round

I agree with @Stu there’s no need to run the baggage bay back into the loading side. Just loop it back on itself.

Just connect it back to the check ins? Thanks for your help

I would also recommend looking at the check-in closest to the baggage bay

No, not the checkins, onto the collection belt.

No don’t connect it back to check in. Just make a loop and baggage claim!

No one line is facing the wrong way

Let me put it this way: Bagge going for the bagge claim area may not have a way out of it. That’s why you must build a loop as the end of the line.

Like this?

yes, a closed loop like that, did you also make the belt go around the checkin desk it was crossing earlier? Undergound belts don’t go underneath the checkin desks and it messes up their transit.

Yes i did, i read somewhere that didnt work.

So i made the loop, but the claim still cant find a route? thanks again


This needs looking at too


Like rubble said, he beat me to it at cutting the image faster. :clap:


So much discussion for a simple mistake caused by (accidentially?) crossing the line of the check in desks. :smile:

edit: Though, discussion about false leading it back to loading side is legit too. That’s the one I did oversee on first sight. :slight_smile:


you also need to run the test button before the belt will start.

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Not today though as the system has been converted to be automatic! :slight_smile:

Glad that you got the issue fixed, we’re looking into how we can make stuff like this more obvious.


Perhaps a button on cargo bays and checking desks where the path for bagge starts to glow up like a traveling snake, starting from the item you press the button on.

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