Baggage truck keeps unloading

I set up a new baggage system and I tested it on some medium remote stands and it works fine.

However, when I tried it on a large heavy stand, the baggage truck unloads the ULDs but when it gets to the exit of the stand, it changes its status to idle and then decides to go back to the plane to unload the bags it already has instead of going to unload them at the baggage bay.

This results in angry passengers not getting bags and also no bags being loaded onto the plane!

Someone help pleaseeee

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Welcome to ACEO!

As you described it, sounds like a bug… Having another large stand, and if so, does it work there properly?
Tried to save and reload?

Nevertheless, please file a bug report… :wink:

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@sirhc80 told you everything you need to know! :slight_smile:

After trying it on a new heavy stand, it succeeded.

I deleted the original baggage bay and moved it slightly and it now works.

Bit of strange sort of bug but it works now.

Cheers for the advice

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