Baggage System can't find path


Struggling to get my baggage systems happy. The claim area & check-in desks are both complaining that they can’t find a path to the connected baggage bay.

The downstairs area is entirely staff only, upstairs is shown in the screenshots.

Any suggestions?

Limited to one screenshot per post…


I marked on the picture, change it and it should be ok.


  1. Like @hds12 said
  2. Your manned secure station is wrongly placed. It should be just after the 5th scanning station, if security officer decided that this bag is safe it should go straight to baggage bay. There is image in tutorial how should it work.
  3. About baggage claim - I think (I cannot see exactly because of poor quality) that you are confused how changing a floor with conveyor belt works. In game you have one elevator for going down and different one for going up. Check if you placed them appropriately

Thank you both @hds12 and @mbobojar. I didn’t realize the conveyor elevator was two directional. Thought I could switch the direction on them, and it would have the same affect.

I’ve put the manned secure station going back round the automated scanners, as it seems to reduce that security agent passing approving bad things

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

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