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Right my first post so be kind to me,

I have tried putting a baggage scanning system on the arrival side of the cargo bay which in turn goes to a baggage claim, however whenever the arrival side is connected to this system (the black circle) the baggage just piles up (the blue dot) and it doesn’t go anywhere. But when its connected staright to the baggage claim as in the screenshot it works normally.

Anyone got any suggestions

Thanks in advance

Those turns you have there, facing the wrong way, look pretty strange. Can you get them to align properly with the rest of the baggage flow, i.e. turn them the correct way?

For some reason when i lay them it does it sometimes, when i exit and go back into the game it sorts itself out

Permit me to offer a few suggestions so we can help you:

First, you really need to fix those intersections (my blue circles). It may do it sometimes, but I’ve never had that problem.
Second, the left-side menu obscures valuable information. Please repost excluding the menu. You can crop-out a lot of the right side of the image. We need to see more to help you.
Third, maybe even put your savegame ZIP file in a DropBox, so we can see it better.


I made the system whole again this morning and it seemed to work, baggage got a bit stuck on the cargo bay and between the 3rd and 4th specific scanner

What do you mean by a bit stuck? They stack on top of eachother (for now) until departing into the conveyor belt system.

This is it at the moment but yeah they are stacking on top of each other on the conveyor belt but then eventually moving.

I am on the experimental version if that makes a difference

Hang on a second why you scan arrival bags? Baggage system is not designed to be used like this.

OR am I mistake?

Thought you could do this, it mostly works apart from the bits I’ve said about

You scan for dangerous baggage BEFORE it’s loaded on the plane. Not after it arrives. Real airports scan before loading for departures. Yes, you can do what you’re doing, but serves no purpose.

Here is a basic multi-Cargo_Bay setup, with Security. It doesn’t use the Tier II scanners you have, but you can see those in the following post. My GREEN arrows show the flow of Departure baggage. My RED arrows show the flow of Arrival baggage. There are additional Cargo Bays below the frame.

(click to enlarge)

Revised with secondary (Tier II) scanners. Reason for baggage backup on inbound was due to construction duration and because that is a Speed Overground Conveyor. Backed-up all the way back to Check-in desks (which are quite a distance). LOL

(click to enlarge)

I redesigned it with the 5 specific scanners in line with each other so no corners between them and is working pretty well, thanks for all advice

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