Baggage stuck unloading

Hi! I have had a number of planes that have been stuck unloading baggage and not loading it. In one example (MP672), it says that all the baggage has been successfully unloaded but the baggage truck assigned to unload is stuck at the stand and it is not letting the other baggage truck load the new baggage. Any ideas what to do? It’s been happening at different gates at different times and have ultimately ended up just dismissing the planes.

Can you drop us a bug report with this save and get back to me with the number here?

I get this occasionally. Save and reload fixes it

Thanks to you both. I submitted in the tracker with number MERC-82.

I have also found that it has been better after reloading.

How is the performance and cpu usage in general?

This this behavior could be related to an issue with the calculation of the tasks.

Performance has generally seemed to be okay. I havent checked cpu usage recently though

Will have a look when able! :slight_smile:

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The same problem had been reported by SkyMonkey92 back in 2021. The post was titled belt loader not being unloaded. I reported the same problem in Mai/21 and filed a bug report ( Aceo 43811). I still keep getting the bug, and other people as well obviously. It would really be much appreciated if you guys could take a look at the issue on occasion. Thanx

Sometimes ramp agents is annoying when they’re not to their dutyand do another duty instead

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