Baggage Security Monitoring

Good Morning CEO’s

I have been getting Critical Baggage Security Alerts and I have found the problem and don’t know if there is a way to fix it.

I build large airports and the indicators that tell you when a baggage path is not connected are vital to my game play. (And that all works very well)

There is another issue that I cannot find a solution for.

I have 4 inbound baggage security ‘blocks’ where the bags go through the proper baggage security checks. That all works fine, but what is happening is that the security staff will leave his shift at the designated time but the replacement wont get there for like 35-40 minutes later.

During that time when there is no one at the security station, baggage is still going through that ‘block’ and no one is checking it if it should get to that security station.

Sometimes I run low on staff and the issue is resolved by hiring a bunch more security people and putting staff rooms close by as well.

Possible Solutions…

  1. Tilt tables are the bread and butter of baggage logic. Is there any way to set up a tilt table that detects if the path forward through the baggage security check is valid and have it divert to one that is valid if it is not?

The real issue here is that there is already a ton of stuff to watch and monitor and maintain in the game so making sure that a staff person gets to a critical baggage security check is sometimes hard to do every couple of minutes or on the shift change.


  1. Do staff members automatically leave at the shift end time? Even if a replacement has not arrived yet? Is there a setting for that?

Any ideas would be great, below is an image of my main baggage processing area. NOTE THAT 3 of the 4 FINAL SECURITY STATIONS DO NOT HAVE PERSONNEL AT THEM!!


I use 2 manned tier 3 scanners together in series, both with a conveyer belt to the baggage destructor. That way, in the case of shift changes or a poorly trained operator, there’s a safeguard. I get the very occasional bag slip through but it is exceedingly rare.

Also, do you have a staff room close by? It looks like you do, but if not that may be exacerbating your problem too.

I have set it up that if Tier 3 accepts the baggage it goes back to Tier 1 for check. So when there is no staff to check the bags are Tier 3 it will make another loop for checks since it will go back to Tier 1. So it might be possible that will be in a never ending loop, but I never checked that.

In that case you will lose security rating. If a baggage already scanned on tier 2 or 3 is passed to tier 1 again, it will decrease the security rating :frowning:

Oh well, I got 98%, so… I think it will be alright.

Great Discussion guys- I appreciate the help. I do wish there weere a section on like ‘Tips and Tricks’ or see how other people do it.
It could start with an issue topic like this;
→ Baggage Security Messages
→ Ensure Tier’s are setup correctly
→ Ensure Staff is at Tier 3
→ Other User Solution / Tips
:LUCTOR- Setup the Tier 3 to re-scan at Tier 1 to ensure no bags were missed.

Anyway- Thanks

I’m pretty sure you only need one set of tier 1 → tier 2s → tier 3 baggage security. So, only one of the 4 you have in your original image is necessary.

I have run baggage for 60 stands through only on with no rerouting of the tier 3 back to tier 1 again with no problems. Just make sure a security officer staff room and bathroom is near the tier 3 station so a shift change doesn’t cause problems.

I tend to agree that you only need one scanning set, I used to have that too. But, I added 3 sets extra, just for sh*ts and giggles (and some realism), and the number of “Dangerous bagage loaded on aircraft” seemed to drop, but that could be coincidence. Also, the number of incorrectly destroyed baggage dropped with almost 90%, improving my rating. However, could all be coincidence

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