Baggage Security Help

Hello, can anybody help me with my security rating?

I have shared a screenshot below. I am passing through all baggage through a Scanner I and II. Any rejected baggage will be sent to Scanner III where it will be checked once more before destroying it if necessary.

Somehow, my security rating is still very very low.

Thank you!

Only use one I scanner, then if that detects, Run bags thru all of the II scanners, and last if needed the III scanner. That’s how it should be set up :slight_smile: Use one type of scanner once per bag. A single bag should not pass thru two III scanners. Will try and find a pic.

I.e Your tier 2 scanners should only receive bags that are REJECTED by Tier 1 (currently they are receiving accepted bags but not rejected ones).
Similarly your 3 scanner should only receive bags that are REJECTED by tier 2 scanners).
Only bags rejected by tier 3 should be destroyed.

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Check tutorial :slight_smile: (TAB, Tutorial on the right) there is picture with proper design of scanners

At the same time, your rejected bags from the first scanner are not able to go anywhere, there’s no bagage belt connected to it

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@tijnkoenen I am so stupid. LMAO!!!

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