Baggage Problem?

As i continued my saved game. I automatically noticed a big red flashing box with a luggage and a curvy arrow (the same sign that appear when a person cant reach a certain place) . Is this a bug or is there something wrong? I checked the baggage belt, all connected and baggage claim connected as well, it is also placed as a baggage claim area. Whats wrong? Thanks!

I can assume you checked the zoning? So staff can actually enter?

Can you send in some screens of zoning and baggage belt layers? Also from vehicle depot to baggage bay

The oversized flashing boxes is an issue that we’re looking to fix as soon as possible, it¨s ridiculously large.

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If you look at baggage systems, could you make an adjustment; please let us put a “tilt tray” on an existing belt. As upgrade, or as buildable order, etc. Now you have to close the whole system to add a fork to the baggage system.

Is there a way to TEST the baggage system before turning it on to paying customers?

Nope, the best option is handle 1 flights during test and see if it works.

Not yet, but we’d like to implement a function to test a bag path, or even forcing players to do so, enabling it.


Okay, thanks for the advice @EG0611 and interesting to hear you’re think of using that as a game feature @Olof.

Thanks again.

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I get the same icon as well in the latest build. I don’t understand what it’s trying to tell me.

Some bags come out on belt/claim and just sit there; seems many folks just get stuck too standing there without anyone claiming anything in my instance. Seemed to flow smoothly previously.

Can you send in the save and file a bug report?

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