Baggage operations make a loss

I have my initial baggage setup for my airport complete. It’s not a big system yet but my airport doesn’t have that many stands yet either.

However, it seems I’m making a huge loss on baggage handling. The fees I get from it only cover about half of the vehicle running cost. This excludes the cost of salaries and operating cost for the baggage bays so it’s probably even worse.

Does anyone else run into this? And how can I solve it? Because right now I’m considering removing the whole baggage system as I see no benefit.

In my experience, the gains in passenger and airline satisfaction and security ratings from a functional baggage system make better contracts appear and allows you to charge more for other services, making baggage a good investment.


You can adjust the fees in the fees panel after hiring a CFO, at the expense of perceived airline value of course (and diminished rating).

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