Baggage not unloading

My baggage system seems to be working alright with a small aircraft stand and small runway. Once I tried medium aircraft stand however, my baggage gone fubar. In the turnaround progress, I’m stuck at baggage unloading process. Any idea what I did wrong? Do I have to mark my baggage area as secure? Does it matter if my conveyer belt in the baggage claim area goes clockwise or anti-clockwise? How do I get my ramp agents to the stand? I thought they were automated? I’ve hired more than enough agents. I’ve attached my saved game if anybody care to look.

  1. It is not just your baggage. You don’t have stair trucks as well. Buy stair trucks to allow passenger to de-board and board your aircraft.

  2. And as for the luggage, I suggest you turn off baggage handling and re-check how you’ve built your conveyor belt system. Check the transition between floors. Once you’re sure everything is logically right, turn baggage handling back on.

  3. Also, I could see that a portion of belt is built the wrong way just after your baggage scanner. That is why, you couldn’t process baggage at the check-n desks.

I am checking your save files. But I cannot find a reason as to why your baggage isnt unloading. Let me know, if any of these 3 points are helpful. I will try to find the problem as well. :slight_smile:

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This seems to have done the trick. The baggage doesn’t get unloaded if your passenger don’t de-board the plane. That is why. :slight_smile:

Make sure you correct this as well.

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I responded to the player in his Steam thread as well. In addition to the missing Stair Trucks , I bought Belt Loader Trucks for him as well.


Click on the stand when the aircraft is parked there to ensure that flights are actually requesting baggage unloading. If not, the request will be greyed out. Since the multifloor update, a sum total of zero of my flights have asked for baggage unloading. Baggage loading, yes – but not unloading. I have no idea why.

ChrisH. I loaded the savegame. The stands are requesting baggage. As mentioned, he was missing Stair Trucks and Belt Loaders

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Thank you Dallas, that was what’s missing. Game is running fine now, you’re a lifesaver!

Guess the key to most Airport CEO problems is the turnaround process at the aircraft stand. Make sure you have all the vehicles and key staffs employed - security agents at the check point, ramp agents, passenger service agents, even the sidewalk to the entrance!

And also somebody should make an updated tutorial on YouTube or something, most of the ones there are 1 or 2 years old

Glad I could help.

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