Baggage not unloading on medium stands

When I built some medium stands everything was fine but when the belt loader truck would try to unload the baggage all of the baggage would merge and the trucks wouldn’t leave.

Hello :slight_smile:

Could you provide some pictures or video of incident?


It’s stuck in this position when it unloads a few bags

Are there any ramp agents at that gate to load the bags on a baggage cart? Is a bag cart waiting at the stand?

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A bag cart is waiting at a stand, but I don’t see any other ramp agents at the stand.

Is it a remote stand? Are ramp agents able to make their way over to that stand?

No, it’s a stand with a jet bridge.

Perhaps you do not have enough ramp agents and they are busy on other jobs? I have also had instances where staff freeze up due to some path finding or other issue. Usually a save and reload fixes it.

I also thought that I didn’t have enough staff and then I hired more staff but it didn’t change anything. I also tried reloading the game but a few bags unload and then they are stuck again.

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