Baggage not being unloaded

Hello everyone,

I have been playing this amazing game for a few months and recently restarted my airport. However, I have been facing the same problem – passengers not receiving their baggage. I have checked and everything is fine with the baggage system. Half of the time, nothing goes wrong and passengers receive their baggage. However, the other half of the time, when the service truck arrives at the cargo bay, the ramp agents simply do not unload the baggage and the service truck just leave. This has already happened many times and after a while those passengers without their baggage just leave.

As you can see from the photo above, the service truck just left the cargo bay on the right with the baggage after the ramp agents didn’t do anything.

Is this a bug or can someone help me fix this? Thank you and have a great week ahead!


Is it allowed to build cargo carousels connected to each-other? Does the road vehicle not need room in between to maneuver?

Also, it seems you are understaffed, did you hire enough ramp agents? see the staffing menu.

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