Baggage Loading Causing Flight Delays

I’m having an issue where my Service Trucks aren’t leaving the depot until about 30 minutes (sometimes even sooner) to when a flight is supposed to depart my airport - everything has been completed including boarding besides the bags being put on the aircraft. By the time the bags are actually loaded my flight is about 40 minutes late - is there a way we can tell the ramp agents to start filling a plane up earlier than 30 minutes before departure? Surely this should be the first task?

I hope that since we assign the flights to the gate that they allow baggage trucks and fuel to be ready to greet the plane, either sit at a holding point or be in motion when the plane is parking. This is common whenever I’ve flown that i see baggage trucks waiting for us to stop.

This is what I experience too when I fly to major airports that are constantly arriving and departing within very small timeframes.

Right now, the game is handling the fuel system and the offloading of baggage perfectly although loading baggage isn’t happening until 30 minutes before my flight is due to depart thus causing major delays for all of my flights.

One thing I’ve noticed, on this save my service road is connected to my taxi foundation and the trucks will give way to flights, I’m not experiencing this issue on any other save (maybe the AI of the baggage truck needs to handle this the same as the fuel truck).

There is a way in opperations i think to prioritize a certain job.

How? Can you explain in detail?

The job prioritization button is not hooked in, somehow it has managed to slip through to the builds although it should be disabled for now.

We did have this system in place prior to release but got a lot of feedback from the aviation community that it was unrealistic to have vehicles meet the aircraft since no vehicles are allowed to be parked on the stand area while the aircraft is approaching. I’d recon they’d need to be placed on holding points until the aircraft has been fully parked but maybe someone with better insight can tell us what the norm is here?

For the baggage loading job it is activated half of the turnaround time has passed, so if your flight has a turnaround of three hours it’ll activate after one and a half.

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Hmm what about having some sort of “Parking Zone” where the vehicles who are already out of depot can wait for an aircraft approaching a stand? That could be better than having the vehicles drive back to the depot, then go out again.

Hold the phone, white striped area can’t be used as that parking zone @ReV0LT talked about? When aircraft passes through holding point (from runway to taxiway) ground vehicles will roll out from vehicle depot and go to this white area.

Until airplane parks, they wait there.

I would suggest a different timing of activating the sequence. IRL the baggage carts go to the aircraft as soon as all the bags are loaded onto the cart. For the game this could translate in: baggage truck going to bay as soon as first passenger checks-in. Once the last bag checked-in on time is loaded onto the cart, the cart goes to the aircraft (time doesn’t matter). This would encourage to build efficient baggage systems and help to get the bags loaded on the aircraft on time.

While another option is to have them use the park next to the road.

i’m also having this problem, i cant seem to send any planes with baggage out on time! they all get delayed or the baggage truck only loads about 4 cases and then goes back and fourth until the plane is loaded

Then vehicles might block other vehicle’s path or maybe vehicle would pass with top of each other which looks unrealistic.

I had this problem. But after adding more baggae bays, trucks and more ramp guys it solved the problem. Also I have multiple depots so the trip to the gates are shorter.

Fair enough, in that case I would say: Parking spots, just like the bus stop, but for baggage cars.
In the picture I shared there is some green space, would be a perfect fit for a parking spot/stop

This is a known bug, the best you can do at this point is hire more ramp agents or just stand by until this is fixed. Please keep in mind only 2 people develop this game currently. So it might be a while until it’s fixed.

Maybe but this is a special case. Mostly, me too, build terminal foundation on that area. For example look at my picture.

I would very much like to see your save. Would it be possible for you to send it in via the bug report sheet and label it something like “baggage loading bug” so I can have a look at it?

a few things I have noticed :slight_smile:

  1. You have to have enough service cars. At my current airport there are 7 small and 4 medium stands. My flight mostly arrive within 5 mins so 11 planes can be parked at the same time. I thus have 11 service cars although 7 or 8 might be enough. More cars=less time waiting for others.

  2. Make sure you have enough ramp agents. a small stand requires 2 ramp agents and a medium stand 4 ramp agents to get the job done in time. I have 30 ramp agents and all my flights leave with some time to spare.

  3. Also have enough airport staff. All my boarding desks are set with 2 agents to help boarding. My medium stands have 2 boarding desks each. So in total I could need 30 airport staff at certain points when all flights are boarding at the same time. I employ a few extra just in case (40)


Turns out I’m being silly, there is no issue here.

The Ramp Agents go through security checkpoints to get to the stands (as expected after reading tutorials etc) - the issue was sometimes my security staff went on a break and only one of my checkpoints were operational, once flights started boarding the queue was overloaded (I usually have 3-4 flights at once boarding) and the ramp agents were stuck in the same queue as the passengers causing the delayed flight.

To resolve, I hired an extra 12 security staff and I’ve also built a staff only security checkpoint to allow my ramp agents prioritisation.


Allright, good, sounds more like a gameplay related issue. A serious lack in the management panel is that there is no information or data presented on how much work that needs to be done (available job tasks) and how many workers you have available per type. After the tutorial, this is a panel we will look to implement as quickly as possible to mitigate issues like these.