Baggage Issue - not moving

Hi guys,

I have seen a few posts similar but none showing my constant issue.

I’ve finally managed to get Ramp Agents next to the cargo bay, however nothing is happening. Looking like a backlog.

No planes are loading or unloading and no baggage on the Cargo bay conveyor.

Everything is connected as per picture below, any thoughts?? Thanks :slight_smile:

Enabled baggage handling in operations…?

I am not actually sure I can see an issue in your screenshots…

Exactly, very strange.
Yes all enabled in operations. Ramp staff and baggage handing.

Ample ramp staff and trucks.
Flows in from check in to Baggage claim all look right.
Secure area for that whole room.

Checked the entire route and made sure you’re not missing any bits of conveyor belt?

Can you send some screens with your zones turned on? We’re currently looking into how we can highlight path issues for employees so that this kind of troubleshooting becomes easier.

You know how Prison architect has a white schematic view for things like room zoning/deployment etc? It makes the colours much simpler to handle and would help majorly with something like this, seeing gaps in colours is very easy compared to on a messy airport background.

Here we go Olof.

Also notice the trucks have stopped at the end of the plane stand.
Let me know if you want a copy of the Save file.

Yes, I decided to destroy all the conveyor belt and start again. Still no luck, all pointing the right way.

Allright, looks like it’s a bug. Can you send us the save and mark it “critical” and I will expedite it.

Also, are you experiencing the same issue with the cargo bay from the previous thread?

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Please let me know where I can locate my AirportCEO saved files on a macbook… proving difficult!
Also, where to send the file you reach you.


If you check the form on the website it will give you instructions on where to find the files, they should be sufficient.

Also, about the stalled baggage on the baggage bay, are you still having the issue with baggage not making it out of the baggage bay?

Ok found and sent to you.

I can only physically see baggage at the check in desks. I’ve never seen baggage in my cargo bay!
Only a few hours ago I have seen a few staff in there. No trucks or baggage.

To add to this. The Ramp Agents in the cargo bay are saying “waiting for service vehicle to transfer baggage to”

Me again.
Unloading and baggage is working now.

However, loading baggage onto a plane from the check in desk is not working.
All flights are showing 0/X of Baggage Loading In Progress.

I too have a massive baggage problem. The baggage just piles up on the check-in conveyors. doesn’t move onto the buit conveyor belt.

Guys, Scratch that. My problem was due to a missing section of belt. Missed it (eyes painted on ha ha).

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