Baggage isn't loading

Hello, can anyone help me?

The two planes aren’t getting the baggage loaded, the rest of the plane is fine and gets the baggage loaded. I have enough ramp agents, baggage truck. But those two planes aren’t getting the baggage loaded, and I already waited a long time it’s causing a heavy delay


Does the unload works fine?
Are they using the same baggage bay as the stands which do work?

The unload works fine, yeah they are using the same baggage bay as the stands work. The baggage truck is also parked and not moving, even though two planes still haven’t gotten their baggage loaded.

Image for the stands and their baggage bay

Do you have enough ramp agents?

If unload works, then there are ramp agents available.

Are the baggage cars parked nearby the baggage bay? And do you use terminal zones?

I do have enough ramp agent

I guess the baggage truck is parked kinda far from the baggage bay?. No I’m not using terminal zones

I am going to try changing the baggage truck parking area

Edit : I think it’s just a plane bug, I dismiss the plane and the next plane works fine

I’m having the same problem. Planes will not leave. Baggage is not loading. There are green connections between check in stands and the baggage bay and the baggage bay to the baggage pick up stand. There is a yellow connection between the plane stand and the baggage bay. Baggage is unloaded from the planes but it is not loading. I have rebuilt this terminal several times. I have plenty of ramp agents, loaders and trucks.

There are no ramp agents at your baggage bay… Add a door (make sure its zoned secure) somewhere along that wall with the baggage bay, and make sure you have some ramp agents hired.

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