Baggage HELP

I have bin trying to create a baggage bay but it keeps giving me this red square any ideas why it won’t work?

That red icon indicates that ramp agents have no access to the baggage bay.

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The ramp agents need a door to get to the baggage bay, also you need to get a service road near the baggage bay.

My guess is your baggage bay is not zoned secure, or the service road just off the screen to the right. Make sure the ramp agents can aceess the bay via a secure route from either the service road or make a door from the terminal to the bay.

It has a road going to it and half the wall cut off. But I didn’t think about making it a secure area.

Yeah, baggage has to be a secure area.

Also, I found out after much confusion, each baggage bay needs it own baggage carousel. I tried dumping four bays into one big reclaim system. Took me for ages to realise why some planes were doing luggage, and others not.

Awesome I got it to work.
Thank you Guys.

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