Baggage handling with multiple bays

I’m still new to game but loving it so far. I’m starting to work on a larger airport and wanted to upgrade my baggage system. I think I have a good grasp of the flow; Check in desks feed to assigned bays, stands feed back to assigned bays, and then the bays feed to their assigned claim areas, assuming you have all the belts set right.

I guess my question centers more on passenger flow. I would like to have a system where bags for certain flights/gates will route to a specific bay. What I don’t know is how do passengers queue up at check in. Do all the pax for a particular flight go to the same desk? If so, then my idea would work. However, if they just randomly go to different check ins then bags are going all over the place which would lead to ridiculous inefficiencies with baggage carts having to make multiple trips to different bays for the same flight.

Am I right on this? How do you handle larger baggage systems?

Thanks for the input.

Each flight is assigned one (or more) check-in desks. If a flight is operating with baggage handling (at a stand connected to a baggage bay), the flight will only be assigned to check-in desks that can link to that baggage bay connected to the correct stand.

So, you are right in thinking you can optimize closed systems per Cargobay/checkin/pickup zone. :wink: