Baggage handling service charge/fee

I was just thinking this as I finally managed to afford to put the final pieces of the puzzle into my new baggage system. I think there should be a baggage handing service fee (per passenger) that you can leverage on top of the passenger handling fee?

It seems fairly logical that we should be able to leverage fees and revenue for the expense of the service provided. I realise this theoretically could be included under the generic passenger handling fee, but if I push that fee to high to account for this, airlines get upset that the fee is too high. So having a separate slider would allow that element to be accounted for separately in a way that the airlines acknowledge is reasonable for providing a baggage service?


Adding onto this idea, the higher the baggage handling fee, the more inclined pax will carry-on their luggage. Thus, less space in overhead bins. Thus, pax satisfaction drops as well.

You could have a separate slider for carry-on luggage fee as well, given that many airlines are charging that. Increasing the carry-on fee decreases pax satisfaction.

Yes, I realize these fees are charged by airlines vice the airport.

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Well I don’t think it’s wise to conflate airline baggage charges with airport baggage charges. I think a simple slider for a single fee to airlines per pax/bag should be sufficient. I just think it should be there in addition to the normal passenger handling fee.

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