Baggage handling Disabled

In the airport services page, there were options to enable or disable different turnaround services like fuelling, catering, cleaning, etc. Above that was an option to disable baggage handling.

Would like to know what would happen if:

  1. I disable baggage handling. Would passenger flights land or will I be restricted to just GA or cargo?

  2. If for some reason, I choose not to build a baggage handling system but try to enable baggage handling system? Will it allow me to or will it give a message that there is no Baggage handling capability in the airport?
    To take an example from the competition, SimAirport handles this by having one of the staff drive a golf cart or similar with baggage into and out of the plane through the same gate as passengers (quite unrealistically). But it does give an option to use starting funds elsewhere by not building baggage handling at the start.

  1. If baggage handling is disabled, passengers will carry all baggage with them all the time.

  2. It will require a working cargo bay (baggage loading and un-loading station) as well as a baggage reclaim area before it can be enabled.


Cool, so Baggage handling system not a high priority while building an airport?
That opens up a lot of gameplay options

Intially you can do without but higher rated airlines might require baggage handling to even sign with you.


I love that. You guys have thought through each feature so well. Allows players so many options.

With point 1, is this like Ryanair at the small airports where you dump your big bags near the plane and they load it for you, or is it that they don’t have any large luggage (which in turn would mean you don’t get passengers that are likely to have lots of luggage like families going on a week holiday kinda thing)?

Or (as I hope it isn’t but presume it actually is) do they just take their large luggage into the plane where in real life it wouldn’t fit but these planes are magical?

Gotta be all gate check i would imagine.

We could just assume that it’s hand luggage only. From a top down perspective the size of the bags won’t be too obvious so it’s relatively easy to suspend disbelief. Probably much easier for the devs too.

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