Baggage handling: Crossing conveyor belts

when i am placing baggage conveyor belts i c’ant let them cross like one above ground and one under ground, when i do that they connent to eachother.

Is there a way to let them cross without connecting to eachother?

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It is not possible at present to cross them

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how to put conveyor underground???

and why is that in the picture above?


Additional baggage features have to be researched first. Such as tilt trays and up/down transitions. Until then you can do only a 1:1 connection from the check in desks to the baggage bay and from the baggage bay to ONE baggage claim.

When you have tilt trays, you can add more baggage claims. Use for each baggage claim belt an own baggage claim zone, otherwise passengers are hunting their bags and jump around all the time.

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However I would really like to see a method to let conveyor belts cross other than the tilt tray or moving one of them to a different floor. Something like a simple bridge. @Jettuh ?