Baggage Handing Questions

Hello! I’ve setup a baggage handling service, but I’m not entirely sure how to proceed. My airport is taking in Medium Sized aircraft and I have 1 baggage hanger, and I’m delivering it all to 3 different baggage claim belts. So I have a few questions:

  1. How much can each hub take before I need to add another for the trucks to pickup and drop off baggage from? Right now I have 3 ramps and they seem to be overwhelmed, but it could be related to other issues.

  2. How large does a baggage claim area need to be? I felt like mine was fairly large, yet the bags stack up, and due to my design, 1 being blocked locks up the other 2.

  3. Do passengers get frustrated waiting for bags far too quickly? I feel like my bags, even in the quickest case, don’t arrive before the customers get impatient.

Hi Madwolf.

Some screen shots would be useful.

Yes and no to all of your questions right now though.

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