Baggage error icon not resetting

I’ve noticed a number of times that, when I have a cargo bay all hooked up to the check in desks and baggage claim areas, and I need to reroute the conveyor belts, the baggage error warning icon flashes when I break the conveyor, but once I’m done re-routing the baggage and all the belts have been hooked up again, the error icon never goes away. I can watch baggage going from the checkin to the cargo bay, and watch the baggage go from the cargo bay to the baggage claim area, but the error icon never disappears.

The validation of baggage checks should not be visual, but in a “baggage validation” listing; it should list all logical routes, which could all have a unique validation ID.

  • ‘Check-in desk’ (C[1] to C[N]) to ‘Baggage Bay’.
  • ‘Baggage Bay’ (B[1] to B[n]) to ‘Baggage Pickup Zone’.
  • ‘Baggage Bay’ (B[1] to B[n]) to ‘Connected stand’ S[1] to S[N]).

When all these routes are listed, you should be able to filter on “non-validating” connections, so you can look into that connection, or group of connections. Connections that are non valid for a long time could give a red flash to newer players, so they learn to inspect the listings menu after changing / rebuilding cargo lines.

For this specific task; “reset check after rebuild / change” we could have a manual button to “prio” / “force” the check on a certain validation track (ID).

Over time the same menu could give a flag for each validation route (ID) as “secure” / “unsecured”, which also could have a red flash warning for newer players for routes that are flagged unsecured for a long time.

Both red-flash-notices should be suppressible btw.

Secondary, grouping ID’s on Bay level would be nice too; including subtotals for the bay;

  • Total number of ‘Stands’ connected to Bay [x].
  • Total number of ‘Check-in desks’ connected to Bay[x].
  • Total number of “Pickup zone’s” connected to Bay[x] (if our dev suggestion of the ‘pickup zone’ bug is indeed a bug)

The same validation tool ID flagging could be used between other objects in game*;

  • Travel objects (Bus, Metro, etc) and check-in desks
  • Check-in desks and security checkpoints
  • Secure road station and depots
  • Depots and stands
  • Stands and security stations
  • Stands and depots
  • Stands and airstrips
  • Oil depots and road security stations
  • Staff rooms and staff object(s) (groups)

(* however, here you should be able to “disable” or unflag false positives, since you could have several secure zones or secure stand area’s. Logistical simulators that I used professionally, worked with sliders per validation ID that would allow this. In some simulators you could group objects into a unique overarching group ID (super-group) to distress validation tools, say, stand 1 tot stand stand 10 could be Stand Group 1. Then the engine would disregard all sub-checks on stand 1 to 10 and just list checks on “stand group 1” instead. The same “super-grouping” could be used in the above baggage system; validate all connection on 1 baggage bay object instead of all sub-id’s in the group. To lighten the validation engine you could check on super-groups by default and request sub-validation on sub-id’s by a manual trigger. The most advanced logistical analytic tool that I worked with did have overarching groups with manual triggering with several layers, with unending depth, where you could yourself selected the deepness of the validation, with which you could isolate faulty ID-groups without running all objects in the simulator, just the “problem” tree-branch.)

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That’s all very nice, but I’d prefer it if the baggage error icon just stopped flashing when all the conveyor belts were hooked up correctly.

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Haha, I had the idea in my head a while already, just didn’t find time to post it, now I had.