Baggage delivery and reputation


in my game i have very very low score for baggage delivery to aircraf. It says " make sure all bags reach the airport ". In fact all the loading goes well therefore i dont understand what the problem is… i really could use some help :slight_smile:

Also, not a bug, just a question: is negotiating contracts disabled in sandbox ?

thankx so much for the help

Hi and welcome

Can you show us some screenshots of your baggage setup?


What branch are you playing on? Default or experimental?

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I am on experimental…

Ok, this is how it works: Whatever bags that come out of the tier 2 baggage scanners as dangerous need to go throught the tier 3 scanner. Only if the tier 3 scanner says they are bad should they be destroyed. Anything that is clean baggage from the tier 1 & 2 & 3 scanners is good to go to the baggage bay.

Also, I think contract negotiating is disabled if you disable econamy simulation in sandbox settings. :grinning:


If you are having problems getting a correct baggage bay setup use WISDOMTREE’s guide here:

Also make sure everything is connected physically to the baggage bay i.e. with belts with arrows pointing in the correct direction and also you have to connect the check in desks, stands and baggage claim areas to the bay by selecting them and dragging the line. You also need to ensure you have baggage trucks to move the baggage around and ensure baggage handling is turned on in the airport operations menu.

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THANK YOU so much !!! fixed everything .


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