Baggage belts missing

when i load up this save my baggage belts keep dissapearing i play vi 35.5.3 in the experdential


Have you sent this as a bug report in-game? If not, please do it so that the devs can have a look in to that savegame. Note the bug number and add it here.

Hi everybody!

I had a similar issue, but with hedges. after s&l some sigular peaces were missing. It seems like there is a problem with objekts you build i a row (like for pathwalks, baggage belts, walls, hedges ans so on). Might be possible, that the first or last one of such a “row” is not saved/loaded correctly?

Hello! Does this happen every time you load the game? So if you rebuild those belts and save they disappear the next time you load the save?


Hi Olof,
If I got you right, you mean if the same belts disappear after s&l?
In this case: No. Once you “re-” build missing belts, those will stay correctly, even after save and reload. But sometimes other belts/walls/etc. are missing then. But it´s really hard to reporduce this bug, I cannot catch a regularity of the appering :confused:

hi it all working thanks

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Yeah, we have the same issue… well, sooner or later we’ll have enough data to dig into whatever issue seems to be persisting.

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I´ve been testing this issue a lot and finally found a way to reproduce the disappearing walls.

I´ve filed a bug report, number ACEO-28861 , but as I can´t place different screenshots in the report, I thought it might be helpfull to explain it here as well.

The airport, I´ve used for my bugreport, shows the airport, below. Go to the marked area on level 0.

  1. Place four pieces of wall on the marked positions (1-4).
  2. Use triple speed and wait for the constructors to build the four pieces.
  3. Save and reload the game.

You will now see, that the four wall pieces have disappeared.
You can repeat this as often as you want, the same four pieces will always disappear.

I hope, this will help to solve the issue.

Hey OllienlnTheMiddle,

thanks for your report!

First of all, the incidents you are desrcibing are unfortunatly not the matter we are discussing here (At least I believe so :thinking:) The reason of the walls disappearing at your airport is: Each Non-Remote stand will automatically destroy four tiles of the wall, exactly at the position where the sidewalk leads to this stand. Also a bit of a seure zone is generated, where the walls were. However, the player is able to rebulit this sections of the wall, but after s&l the game will destroy this (up to) four parts of the wall again. Because the player is supposed to build a four wide door, the game will “correct” this after s&l.

I explained it a bit confusing, I hope it was understandable although.
Unfortunatly there are other pieces of walls/belts/… dissapearing, whih can´t be explained as “easy” as for the walls at stands…

Greetings Leon

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Hi Leon, thanks for your explanation! Yes, I got your point and using this design indeed doesn´t destroy my wall pieces after reloading:

So destroying the walls in this area happens on purpose, if I got you right. But any idea why? Is it, to “protect” players from incidently locking arriving/departing passengers out? (That wouldn´t make much sense to me, to be honest, as you can still place windows at the same position, they are still there after reloading.)

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