Baggage bay - service vehicle can't reach job site

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Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I’m running into an issue where some of my baggage bays have the red exclamation point and the notification that “A service vehicle can’t reach the job site! Make sure there’s an available road path to all connected objects.” The baggage bays are connected to large aircraft stands. The weird thing is that not all baggage bays connected to large stands are doing this. I tried to have enough bays so that each stand would have their own. Ay idea what could be wrong?

Please let me know if I should include additional pictures/


Can you show us the path between those baggage bays to the parking of your baggage carts?

Yeah, can you use the vehicle pathfinding tool to check the path between the cargo bay entrance (right side) and all of the aircraft stand that they are connected to?

Thanks for the suggestion of the vehicle pathfinding. I think I know my issue. I didn’t notice that there’s a service road attached to the stand. I don’t think I’ve connected the service road for the particular stands I’m trying to connect to those baggage bays. I’ve included a picture. Am I correct in my assumption?

yes, there is no road that i can see, so maybe try building a tunnel under the terminal to the other roads

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