Baggage bay problem

Hello- I have a problem in a baggage bay-

When I hover over the exclamation it shows “A service vehicle cannot reach a jobsite!” But I haven’t found a problem with baggage trucks loading and unloading, and baggage seems to working fine to destinations. Wondering if anyone had this problem. I did F10 and cleared paths, and unoccupied vehicle nodes, didn’t help…
Thanks for any help…

How about a save and load? If that still doesn’t help and if you have multiple terminals check if the service roads are linked. I once had a delivery reach a different terminal without me realizing and it couldn’t go to the target terminal bc I forgot to link them. Also check if you have one way roads somewhere that restrict access to the bay. Ultimately seeing that there’re baggage trucks servicing it I’ll still think a save and load should do the trick

Have you ensured that all stands connected to this baggage bay are reachable via the service roads?

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AH ha! Yes, I had a stand which didn’t have a service road connected. Thank you!


Okay great, that’s why the warning is there, but I’m improving the error message a bit to instruct with checking the road connections! :slight_smile:

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