Baggage Bay Issues.......Again!

Dear All…back in the game after it seems my “Blue screen of death” issue seems to of sorted itself.

A few things seem to of changed since last played, and Im having problems with baggage bays.

I have 2 bays, side by side. One is manned, but the other is not. I cant find any reason as to why not, so hoping you guys can.

Back story…I plan to open next floor up to allow jet bridge, and want bays underneath. 3 bays for 3 banks of check in desks. Simple conveyor belt system as a result. I have tried placing a closed medium stand in front thinking it was a non secured service road issue. Same results. Nothing seems to work so need some fresh eyes.

I thought I didnt have enough ramp agents, but searching here I to seem to be suffering the same ramp agent bug I’ve seen posted elsewhere - lots of unclaimed jobs despite the masses of workforce I have.

And please, can someone explain how to get multiple baggage claim belts…tried zoning individually, linking to seperate baggage bays etc, and just get the little red bag error icon. Very bored of just having one large belt for my growing airport.

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if it’s because of the two service road areas are connected. The game might think that because the service roads are connected the ramp agents of the left-hand bay are also servicing the right-hand bay. A bit of floor separating the two service roads might prompt it into thinking there are two bays to supply staff to.

I’ll give that a try…

EDIT…no difference


As explained, few things have changed since last play…my terminal zoning didnt include the right bay - sorted!

Now, can anyone explain why Ramp rounds and baggage loading not happening on specific stands?

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Are the stands included in the terminal? do you have enough ramp agents and vehicles assigned to that terminal?

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All seems to of sorted itself out after a re-load…thank you

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